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Kevin patterson is our Ghillie of 25 years hes fully qualified casting instructor AAPGAI/GAIA and a Angling Coach always on hand and a LOOP PRO Team Member.

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Sunday 20th May 2018

20th May well lets look at it this way we have given our all over the last few months and not a lot to show for it one salmon caught in tappies by myself and four lost but hey its been one of the driest late springs i can remember and the river has suffered for it so don't be to hasty in thinking its no good . Most Mays we get a wee bit spot of fungus on the salmon it happens every year and this year is no different its there and plane to see on the snouts of the fish know once it warms up this stops bothering the fish and they come right on the take i am positive that once we get bit warm rain we will have some fun its all in the way we manage our thoughts on the moments fishing i for one think its going to all be ok like last year in June .There's fish in the pools on most beats as we go forward into next week a bit of a change to day but think a bit warmth again next week but rain coming in so warm rain iam telling you that's the answer and to show my confidence i started planting out my show Dahlias that ive nurtured over the last three months know that's a great sign . If you want to progress in salmon fishing and are struggling with casting get in touch and come and enjoy a lesson with a fully qualified instructor with 26 years experience its worth it ive had some great feed back and very happy people this year give me a call on 07971828086 and we can sort it out like wise if wanting to try a salmon fishing experience day also get in touch rods waders flies and tuition all available tight lines . Full Loop of Sweden Pro team Member with all the latest equipment to try and by through our web site again just get in touch warm rain i hear you say hes lost it but just watch this space Thursday onwards the whole river will get going again i am very confident .Night temps not below 10 this coming week its the start of the summer temps the springs behind us fish pal have all the fishing covered give them a call. Follow me on instagram @kevintweedswood daily casting tuition vids plus pics of anything that i see but you get to see what a beginner gets up to on the videos of people trying out salmon fishing ok warm rain it is cheers Kevin .........

30th April looking into May the prime month of spring salmon fishing in the middle tweed there has to be a change and soon we are running out of excuses ive never went into May with out a salmon on the books either there's not many or they are very late and iam not along with that statement its unreal . ok whats happening less early running salmon maybe and we are just waiting for a big change come May June it happened last year but we were seeing fish daily and had caught a few the water temps on the rise and high pressure coming in its got to go our way iam sure in the next few weeks . We had a great Loop tackle open day come to try fishing for salmon its the stepping stone for the coming years we are going to take restock and grow a bit for same time next year as everyone that came had a great day and we got people on the water meet new people and set the stage .Have to say any Fishing organisation casting association that needs a venue we have it at Tweedswood and we can come up with a design and package for that day Parking signs and fishing hut with great easy to marshall fishing and casting we have a great fishing orientated venue to find out more or have a chat about letting the area at Tweedswood please get in touch . If you are looking for casting instruction at nights or on your days fishing Mob 07971828086 home 01896822076 double handed or singlehanded get intouch and lets get you casting cheers Kevin ..

sunday 22nd well at last a good bit warmer weather and a few salmon starting to show in the pools which is great news and its been a long time in coming this year got to get something next week for sure .Its a interesting subject that comes up alot in the area i work in Middle tweed especially above and below Melrose and the thing that concerns quite a lot of people that come fishing is the amount of general public that are out at the river with there kids and picnics plus the family pet it really has taken ten fold over the years .Access to all areas has become the norm and you will not get many places that aren't accessible to people out enjoying the sun the wildlife the nature and the River the Tweed draws a huge crowd in good and bad weather and if you book fishing in these areas you are going to have to add this into the equation and yes rover will be in the river and the kids will have a wee paddle plus throw some stones into the river that's just the norm on a nice day with quite a lot of beats .For me i try my best to involve anyone that comes in have a chat give the kids a bit fishing chat if i've a rod give them a look and the adults a wee cast ive made loads of cups of tea for people and learned how to deal with it its not easy some days and i get the we've got rights bit alot but the rivers a magnet and it wont change with summer fishing looking like the main event there's going to be some interesting and challenging times ahead as a ghillie on the river plus as a angler coming in these busy times ,because with the sun comes the Scottish Borders tourist season . The one sad thing is the no of people that dont keep dogs on leads with sheep in fields again its not rocket science sheep and dogs don't mix they never have but try telling some people that but over all its a balance and every day you just ned to work with what you have Fishing and Visitors a like because its not going to chance tight lines and look forward to seeing you on the river bank who ever cheers Kevin . Tution in Spey casting and Trout casting are availible at any time at your venue at night after 6pm or here at Tweedswood its never to late to learn 07971828086 Kevin 


 Friday 13 th the thirteenth home safe nothing to say went wrong apart from wait for it a lovely fresh 10 lb salmon lost right at the edge all the fun was had and the guy was so shocked it never fails to surprise me the power in thoses salmon they are so special all the days of easterlys behind us and a total change in the wind i saw trout rising Gibby the local trout expert told me where he had seen that salmon and in went the guy second time down bang . When you have been through two beasts from the east fishing and a plain terrible February i don't care reporting a fish lost because to be honest it was just such a relief to see one never mind on the end that will do and i will report one caught any day soon check out the action on instagram the guys son who was learning videos some of the action that's him hooked for sure cheers kevin .Still a few spaces here and there get on to Fish pal get booked in .For a comfortable hotel in Melrose try the Townhouse you wont be disappointed .



 2nd April Easter Monday or should it be EAST monday as the winds cutting right out the east its got snow with it but hey so what right Clothing and of you go Loop have some fantastic Clothing know proper world wide tested and hard wearing really has to be up there with the best in design and waterproof . Fishing been good fun and plenty learners having fantastic results with the casting thats what its all about teaching is always great fun and people starting out just oze warmth and adventures that are new so weathers not a problem . Iam really hoping for a rise in water temp and a bit more westerly weather the circle spey has been used to the max and no one thats been here in last few months will ever have a problem in a easterly . Coming months ahead bit heat and a good bit of water bring up a few fish and its game on it never changes but getting out getting on the water getting the buzz going on the casting its all in the game that is fishing you need to try it and see for yourself if i could bottle it it would be worth its weight in gold . Follow us on instagram @kevintweedswood daily adventures tips wild life flora anything really its just a way to keep in the Loop .

 If in Melrose for any occasion try the like minded Hotel of The Townhouse you will get a great welcome and mention Tweedswood 01896822645 they look after our anglers and guests very well in Melrose James is a keen all round info centre for all things Scottish Borders cheers best kevin

 Book A day anytime using Fishpal our booking centre run by great folks that Fish and understand fishing .

25th March well with cold weather and water at the front most its looking like the salmon are rooted in at there ushall places in the Kelso area water temps struggling to hit 40 dont help out in getting salmon to move upstream who can blame them but they will come when they are ready main thing is get in a few days salmon fishing know while its a great value i can check over your gear get it ready for the season ahead a wee MOT and replace anything thats not working oil reels instead of getting a days fishing when its game on and everything's not right so simple . a few hours on casting and different styles Scandi or Skagit can give huge differences as well i'm only top happy to sort out what ever suits plus with great deals in the Local Melrose hotels there's never a better time to call by the Borders . ive Rod Hire wader Hire and plenty Loop Tackle to try out if you are just in the area with nothing its no problem a days fishing can be last minute or planned either way you will enjoy a day at Tweedswood .......  Kevin .


7th March the search goes fished very hard in very cold conditions but nothing to show but a bit better understanding of the fantastic new LOOP Q series of rods at the entre level have to say in 13ft 2 and 15ft i am very pleased to say that i'm impressed but more on that to come and also come along to tweedswood to try out don't take my work for it . Ive fished very hard using the Skagit SDS heads and they fly thats that fishing wise does what it says on the tin and again come along and try them out SDS Skagit Heads from loop ive got the full range in stock at a great price plus the Q series rods . I know you don't want to hear nothing but sales spiel but just incase and it gets it out there to some that might so sorry for hanging in there with that part . Heres a special service free of charge Bring in your tackle and give it a MOT checked over reels lines rods free for the coming month worth it to keep you in tip top gera condition .




I fished all the pools know and i've really enjoyed it but have to say its very cold on the legs in the water plus this last bloody lot of snow was not needed iam fed right up with it know its all going to melt and give poor water conditions wish it would just go . But maybe it might hold on the mountain tops and give a wee bit water slowly as wee need it topped up in the coming months extract from the holy grail of fishing magazines , that makes me smile as you and me know that's not what happens but it will put in green water when we don't need it is the reality but lets wait and see .Haven't seen much fish wise its a very hard time on the river at this time you need a good sense of imagination and a very good clear mind to just sail away into and think of when its going to be the warmer days and the first salmon arrive it always happens and i quite enjoy just casting and casting and looking at new stones and new runs its the early season but its also the most exciting most challenging part of the year and if if if if you hook a Spring salmon you have a reward tenfold thats the difference that's the draw that's the buzz that just keeps you trying freezing about to loose a finger with the cold its special steeped in memory and i just cant leave it alone i need this period to fish to clear the head to plan the lessons to think about what i think about the Latest Rods the latest clothing what people want what people need and the piestrelistence the COFFEE out the flask OMG how good is that moment hot steaming coffee out in the cold mind you some days i feel like pouring it down into my feet .That made me laugh to myself seem to do a lot of that at the moment but i remember when i was a apprentice seeing a Guy with wellies on pour tea down into his wellies his feet were so cold that was when we had a real hard frost some guy .Well the battle commences 
or does it as the lovely fresh water from the snow capped mountains has made the river go very high and brown just as i said typical anyone who reads this far has done very well and would be great company on the river with me so please get in touch and book a day as we could just be lucky heres hoping Casting Tuition Loop tackle i can only offer tight lines here's hoping that the snow Goes soon best Kevin .


11th Thursday sees the start of the spinning season and like it or lump it iam for one very pleased to see it why they have this 2 weeks in midd winter yes midd winter having to wade in high water to cover it and freezes is beyond me . You can dress it all you like because its not Spring fishing any thing its winter fishing and getting around on the banks or wading in a wee bit helps to at least enjoy the day on the river . The catches are still ticking over and thats good news ive not touched any thing at all just frost bit in the lovely Spring like air of today wind chill minus 2 at one oclock but not complaining . I for one wanted to see a proper winter get a few of the bugs sorted out and clean the land of over wintering aphids that eat my dahlias in the summer . Well we can hope that the weather is all ok the water drops back and the spinning can see a bit action in the upper area in coming weeks that would be very nice . Cheers Kevin   follow us on instagrame "kevintweedswood " 

7th Cold wether has returned and its interesting to see the catches are looking good so far some chunky fishing getting caught so all very good indeed it wont belong till its our turn , Busy planting up bare banks with willow to help secure nice eraly season job boats back on and i have the steps to sort as washed away in the flood tommorrow and bit fencing to sort out as well and that will be that all back on the level . If you fancy a cast waters looking very good and might just be your lucky time iam happy to give a hours tuition in your day no problem get it going ready for the coming season . Try out a Loop salmon rod set up with a line of your choice ive a fantastic deal on the Opti Power Spey range still a few to go 14ft 13ft for £350 thats a bargain and a top of the range Loop Cross  Sx 13ft 2 inch at £ 815.00 a bargain price try before you buy all reels and Clothing available through myself at Tweedswood . Rod Hire for anyone thats wanting to try or fishing on the river with top of the range reel and line set up for the day of hire to suit the water conditions £30 . waders £15 per day with Boots Breathable . 07971828086


4th feb first few days out and about plenty to look at via bank work and gravel movement but think we have come out it well . Very few kelts to talk about so must have got home safe well you can always hope had a few casts here and there big change the boiler no surprise there but lots of trees to go in this week same as last year the bank stable plans are in full swing cold water forsure and the huts wood burner is a real savouire cheers kevin check us out on instagrame at kevintweedswood .


29th Well only a few days to go till we start back on the fishing trail .Waters quite high with a lift today out of nothing really so will be interesting to see how the hot beats come along in the opening days . the favourite is ushally lower floors and upper floors . Cheers Kevin .


22nd River hights very high tonight with melting snow plenty to come and its warmed up air temp wise so never know maybe a fish or two in the area for a change on opening day ive one rod booked first three days so will be at it with hopefully a chance water and fish wise why dont you join us and at a very respectable price will be good fun brush up on the casting build in a hours casting on the day to get going for coming season cheers Kevin .

14th Two weeks to go and the confidence and future of the next salmon season is upon us once again what will it hold will it be the "best Spring ever" will summer be a dry one" and the Bottom beats have a bonanza" , will they run back in large nos in early sept early floods to see the top river get a fantastic season" the answers are unlimited the salmon and the weather are unread able and that's the magic of salmon fishing the un known .

 But one thing is sure if you take the time to spend one day living the wild river life style and joining in the fishing experience you will only benefit from it . Clear all the mental fatigue burn calories and just take time to meet and chat with new friends and yeah even catch a salmon or see the Buzzards soaring above a shriek from the Blue and orange bullet going upstream your fellow fisher the king fisher the Dipper dancing along side you watching every foot step waiting to see if that gravel you disturb serves up lunch its a open window of opportunity and its ours every day as ghillies but we want you to come and experience the magic that is salmon fishing its that easy live the experience don't wait its Salmon life style fishing experience iam waiting to take you out to see it all unfold ..1st Feb 2018 

8thWe have had a good season on the river for 2017 which was very good to see and we hope to build on this in the coming year with the fishes coperation . We are taking booking right know for you to get booked get intouch with your requests  and we can sort you out no problem . fishing strats 1st febuary so not long to go and you may be a total beginner just wanting to try out fishing or a seasoned campainer you are all well come at tweedswood . 

 5th January Heavy water for last few days has got to clean out the river all ready for that important first days fishing everyonews strating to get in the mood as the festive time slips away hope you all have a great new year in 2018 and catch a few salmon hopefully with us at Tweedswood . 

6th River Tweed the prime salmon river in the uk what a dream to come and fish it iam sure to a lot of people out there from all walks of life well why dont you full fill that dream or give a day on the Tweed as a gift to someone that would love the chance to do that ,or treat your self to that day you have always wanted start a new hobby Salmon fishing .Iam here ten month of the year at Tweedswood get intouch and i will do all i can to see it happens that days salmon fishing that you will never forget the first tentivitve steps iam with you all the way its that simple come on and try it in 2018 .

 Tuition and full gear always availible so if you fancy giving it a try look no further just get intouch for a day to remember plus tailored days as presents are always availible and surprise Tweedswood fishing experience is given in a Card to arrange when suits you to fish . 


                    Kevin patterson .






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